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Carp Fishing In France

Well I suppose I need to start out this piece of with a comment I mentioned to a few close friends of mine a though back now which was, I will under no circumstances go carp fishing in France. Well after many conversations using the exact same group of friends they pursued me to go with them to a venue known as Etang De Villiane, we had hear this was a great venue and provided a few of the ideal carp fishing in france. I did some investigation and endless phone calls later using the fishery owner, I felt I had all the info I needed to produce this trip a achievement. I've to say that in my mind I had the same believed patterns as many individuals that go carp fishing in France, effectively it is going to be quick and I’ll catch loads. Well immediately after talking to people today this concept soon went and my thought pattern was far more of a case that if I didn’t blank it was a result. The day from the trip came and immediately after loading the auto with all our stuff, there was just adequate space for me and my mate within the back. All we talked about on the way there was what we were going to complete, what we would like to catch, and how challenging would the carp fishing in francebe? Nicely the ferry crossing plus the five.5 hour drive seemed to go inside a blink of an eye since upon looking out the window we turned in to the driveway. Wow I believed what views and setting this location had, substantial rolling valleys and vibrant blue skies. I looked at my mate and said this can be incredible, and however the most effective was but to come, we drove round the back on the house and parked the automobile, and what greeted us was hills, woodland, meadows plus a stunning lake, I mentioned to myself if this really is what carp fishing in france is all about I want a lot more!. Properly I was screaming to acquire the stuff out the auto, all I wanted to perform was go for a walk about. We got a amazing warm welcome by Jan who created us a drink and told us about what had been taking place on the lake the week ahead of. The fishing had been up and down, 30 runs but only 13 fish landed, in honesty I thought if that is indifferent picture what this location is like when it goes mental, was I excited about our carp fishing in france trip. We drove the vehicle down to the swims and I had to just sit and take within the surroundings, the significant wooded location to my appropriate, rolling hills to my rear and meadows leading as much as the home straight in front. I thought to myself, I had discovered angling paradise and wondered why I had waited so lengthy to go carp fishing in france, tiny did I know what was awaiting me later within the week.

 Carp Fishing In France

My swim was one particular that apparently was the worst on the lake,(but after you are carp fishing in france at Etang De Villiane you'll find no undesirable pegs!) this I located hard to think excellent view of open water out in front, beautiful shaded margin to my left, and also a substantial willow out towards the opposite bank. I currently knew how I was going to tackle the carp fishing in france venue. I'm a enormous fan of PVA bag fishing and I have close friends who use this process all of the time once they go carp fishing in france. I think it is the only strategy to introduce a desirable region about my hook bait and realize that you get an excellent rig presentation each and every time. To start with I decided to fish a single rod for the fallen about 1 rod length from the bank, this was a comfy chuck of 35 yards. Then I placed two rods out in open water, as I had seen plenty of fish activity out in front. I identified good region using the marker float, once more about 40yards out, a little trench which went from 6.five ft, down to 8ft, then back as much as 6.five foot, all inside the space of 6 ft. I spread about two kilo of bollies in the area and sat back acquiring additional excited by the minute. My friend Simon fishing on the opposite bank was utilizing bags also, but over a modest spodded area.


Right after all the disturbance, I didn’t expect to see considerably, but inside a few hours of all the rods becoming cast and baiting up been completed the fish began to show themselves in the shallow water in the far finish in the lake. Later within the afternoon/early evening there was a few runs to John (Simon’s dad) who landed a few carp and cats to just beneath thirty pounds. In the night Simon also had a few takes which left me questioning if I had selected the best tactics. Properly, within the early hours with the morning I got my answer, I had a run on the rod fishing near the fallen willow in the distance, immediately after a spirited scrap my prize was in the net. I ran round to Simon to asked him to perform some photo’s, and upon arriving back within the swim, my middle rod fishing in open water rattled off, carp fishing in france might be like this so persons had been telling me, this fish felt smaller and hardly place up a fight, (I was thinking in my head I’m glad I asked Stuart for two nets), I lifted the fish onto the mat, and looked at Simon to say what a commence to our carp fishing in france trip, then my final remaining rod that was nonetheless fishing rattled off, I couldn’t believe it and nor could Simon. This fish once again fought like a demon and I didn’t believe I would land it, then it dawned on me I had 1 fish in one net, the other net was collapsed plus a fish on the mat, Simon stated what are we going to do, I stated okay I’ll have to land it with all the other fish within the net, (now please be aware unless your are skilled and confident usually do not do that!!!). With all the enable of Simon we weighted every fish, and photo’s were accomplished, for the record two had been upper 20’s the other was 30.05lb, generate result, initial thirty from this venue on my initial night. I couldn't think that was taking place, do not get me wrong I had heard tales of carp going crazy and it normally happens on some venues once you are carp fishing in france, but I couldn’t think it was taking place to me!



 I was more than the moon, and what a start off to our carp fishing in france trip, as you may imagine I got no sleep, no additional action happened, but what a start off. Breakfast was a happy place as you can consider, as I talked in regards to the action and to become sincere I thought I heard other buzzers inside the night, but myself and Simon were the only folks to catch. Working with smaller PVA bags accompanied using a seed mix and pellet, we had been told this strategy could possibly be deadly when carp fishing in france. The open water spot was baited with three kilo of bollie. Rigs themselves were incredibly simple as often if honest, five inch braided hook link, to a size 6 grabba hook blowback style with a run ring.


I wasn’t just making use of the bags, I utilized a bait boat which was provided by Stuart at the fishery, which was filled together with the seed mix, pellet and crushed bollies, to be sincere we could have got away with out using a bait boat but the ones Stuart has can carry a lot of bait and we were dropping our rigs out with the bait, this proved deadly and I think was a significant factor inside the number of fish we caught. I know carp fishing in france can be like this but Etang De Villaine truly did the enterprise for us and we had been getting the carp fishing in france trip of a lifetime.


This sort of carp fishing in france is new to me, but allowed me to bait in such a tight and accurate manor, the presentation was exceptional. Effectively more than the following handful of days, the action came thick and rapid, I could not get a bite in the day and once more individuals had told me this can occur when carp fishing in france, but at night all hell would break shed, I had lost a couple of fish even though and this concerned me, so I decided to shorten my rig even additional, so the hook link was now just more than two inches long. Now many people would laugh or question am I insane, but think of it for a minute these carp have major mouths, along with the purpose PVA bag presentations are so effect is since the carp are sucking up the whole pile of food, bait, hook link and yes even the lead. This is a bold statement I know, but on the third night following shorting the rig down, I received a thunderous take from the willow spot, and immediately after what felt like an eternity I slipped the net beneath what I knew was a really large fish. The mirror went just over 36lb my most significant carp fishing in france so far, however the hook was well inside the month as well as the lead was bouncing about the lips from the carp, which proved for that hook bait to be taken the lead along with the rig went into its mouth and on ejection the rig did its job….. that may give you one thing to think about the next time you go carp fishing in france or within the UK!.


The night was not going to finish there either, shortly after that good fish, my greatest dreams came correct with a massive 40.5lb mirror, which once more had a hook hold which was difficult to think attainable. It just shows, have confidence inside your baiting approach, rigs as well as your watercraft, and when anything falls into location, there is certainly absolutely nothing stopping the lumps coming to the bank after you are carp fishing in france.


Now at this point I have to say this carp fishing in france trip was going superior than I could have imagined and right after quite a few conversations with the other anglers on the water, everybody was telling me you're going to empty the lake. That is not the situation there's a excellent stock in the venue, quite properly balanced, the only issue that was missing was I hadn’t hooked into among the large catfish that live within this incredible lake. With that mentioned I ought to clarify that Simon hooked an enormous Catfish, which sadly fell off ideal by the bank after I had tried to glove it out. I saw the fight which it gave Simon along with the only way could describe it really is which you had just hooked a raging bull on steroids!!!!!!!!!!!!. Properly on the Thursday morning I woke to a take which upon picking the rod up I knew it was a Catfish, I know I was carp fishing in france but let me let you know this was no carp! fast runs, loads of weight and lots of tale patterns on the surface. This point went crazy and following an hour playing it, (john) offered to glove it out, and a fine job he did of it. It was the greatest issue I've ever observed on the bank, this Catfish weighted 61.5oz and what a beast, now I was carp fishing in france and catching monster Cats!

This was not to be the finish, because later exactly the same day, the same rod was off and an additional hour lengthy fight created yet another massive Catfish this time 62.03lb and what a creature this carp fishing in france trip will live lengthy in my memory and with still two days left I could see how this action could continue.


This lake was generating fish all more than now and the carp fishing in france was really living up to its’ name. Simon along with the other lads had began catching amounts of carp now, to just under 34lb and they to had been so excited by this carp fishing in france trip. I was physically exhausted in the 6 days we had been carp fishing in france, I slept no additional than 6 hours. Once you get techniques proper and every little thing falls into place sessions like this can occur whenever you are carp fishing in france, but I just didn’t expect to catch as a lot of as I did. The week ended with me catching 23 fish, 1 x40 , 9×30’s 3x catfish to 62lb and 10x 20’s. Which by anyone’s imagination is a superb haul, with some gorgeous scenes and also the best carp fishing in france by along way.



Why go Carp Fishing In france ?

The weather is brilliant once you are Carp fishing in france

You can catch a lot of carp if you go Carp fishing in france

Most of the fish you catch are nicely more than 20 & 30lb when you go Carp fishing in france

The lakes are not over fished once you go Carp fishing in france

The scenery along with the wildlife is beautiful after you go Carp fishing in france

Numerous lakes allow full night fishing and no licence is required any time you go Carp fishing in france